RMU Temperature Monitoring principle

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1.Pinpoint of RMU
Ring main unit is one of the key electric equipment in power distribution network, excess heat on its inner cable connections is prone to cause oxidation, resulting in a substantial decline in lifespan of the cable, and even may also lead to catastrophic failures such as explosions, insulation breakdown, and power outage, which ultimately affecting the operation safety of the entire power network hence it is of great practical significance to monitoring the RMU temperature of cable joints.

2.The Solution
Herch Opto creatively embedded the temperature probe into the insulation plug, once fit it into the T-connector, the probe will contact with the cable and get direct temperature reading of the cable joint.
3.Product Specification
Model Number.HQ-39
Temperature Range-20鈩?150鈩?/span>
Temperature Accuracy卤1鈩?/span>
Temperature Resolution0.1鈩?/span>
Number of ChannelsUpto 12 channels
Temperature Unit鈩?/span>
Display ModeDigital tube display
Response Frequency1 second per channel (Depend on probes鈥?position)
Temperature Frequency 1Hz
Optic InterfaceST Optic Connector
Power SupplyAC 220V/50Hz(+20%)/DC: 24V(Customizable)
Digital InterfaceTwo RS-485
Power Consumption锕?W
Communication ProtocolModbus
Fiber Optic LengthPer requirement
Probe Diameter脴2.3mm
Staring Temperature-20鈩?65鈩?/span>
Storage Temperature-40鈩?65鈩?/span>
Storage Humidity20%-80%
4.Field Installation.RMU Temperature Monitoring principle

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