Wholesale Copper Up Casting Mold

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Product description
Graphite Molds, Molds are mainly machined from isostatic graphite, molded graphite or fine grain size graphite material.
We mainly produce thermal conductive graphite products. For the graphite specialties, we can offer customized shape according to customer's specific demand. Materials include the extrude/molded/isostatic graphite of all grades.
1. Round up casting mold can be used for non-ferrous metal smelting and casting, melting aluminum, dissolving gold or silver ornaments, analysis of special type steel, sintering hard metal.
2. Round up casting mold for smelting gold is specialized in melting gold in headgear and jewelry industry. That requests graphite material has high density and purity, ablation-resistance, and it can be used many times. We can machine various crucibles according to customer's requirement.
3. Machined from high pure graphite and widely used in the gold,silver,platinum and other noble metal's melting.If it's used in oxygen atmosphere,it will start to be oxygenized when the temperature is higher than 700-800掳c. If it's used in the protective atmosphere, it can stand more than 2000掳c.
Our factory
Production process
Our Services
1. Free to design machining drawing and free supply sample for customer; 3D mold and plat mold, both can custom and design
2. Quality is our priority and price we can discuss with customers
1. Have you exported these molds to overseas market?
-Of course. We has exported mold to Russia, Malaysia,India, Vietnam,Indonesia, Bangladesh,Uzibekistan, Turkey.Sri Lanka,Egypt etc.
2. What鈥檚 the life time of graphite mold and capacity?
-Normally for medium size like round shape 25mm,each mold can use 4~5days, capacity can reach around 15~20tons material. Size is bigger, capacity is more.Wholesale Copper Up Casting Mold

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