Auto Fire Water Monitor suppliers

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Our Company
Jiangshan City Qingyuan Import&Export Company was founded in 2018 and is engaged in fire extinguisher cylinders and various kind of gas steel cylinders trading. We have own production factory named "Li An fire fighting" and advanced production processing equipment to ensure the quality of the products! And our company's products are exported to overseas countries at present with a good reputation. We also has focused on research, development and innovation. We have rich experience. Our own factory are in this field for nine years. We hope to cooperate with more customers for mutual development and benefits!
Our Product
Gas steel cylinder/CO2 fire extinguisher/accessories.
Product Application
1. Industrial circle銆亀elding industry銆乥reeding industry
2. Lab銆乧omputer room銆乼he place where class B(flammable liquids and gases) or electrical class of fires could occur
Our Certificate
CE certificate
Production Equipment
Saw machine銆乧losing machine銆乴athe銆乪tc.
Production Market
Our products are exported to Middle East銆丄frica銆丒urope and Southeast Asia.Auto Fire Water Monitor suppliers

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